The Prince in The Glass Slipper (1955).

I should start off by saying that I’m obsessed with Cinderella and I’m always pulling Holy Spirit things from it. This comes from 1955’s “The Glass Slipper”. In this version, Cinderella and the Prince don’t meet at the ball. They meet in the forest, beside a small pond. She’s crying because her family treats her poorly. He’s just out for a walk. When he sees her, he doesn’t introduce himself as the prince, he introduces himself as the son of the chief cook and invites her to hang out in the kitchen during the ball.

It’s such a wonderful picture of Jesus. Cinderella is us. She’s broken and beaten by the world. Here comes a “servant” of the king who just wants to make the crying girl better. This shows me a couple things.

1) We need to go back to basics. Jesus came as a servant to mankind. He didn’t part the clouds and ride in on a white horse. No, he saw a hurting world and came to serve it. We need to fall in love with servant side of Jesus, not just the kingly side of Jesus. He chose to relate to mankind on the level of a servant so we should respond in kind. The servant is the man the disciples fell in love with and went to the ends of the earth to tell people about.

2) Jesus meets us where we are. Cinderella was a servant herself. She was dirty and in a raggedy dress. If he had introduced himself as the prince, she would have been scared off. No, he saw that she was of a lower station and lowered his station to match hers. Jesus isn’t afraid or too proud to come down to our level. He isn’t afraid of our mess.

3) Jesus doesn’t force his authority on us. He doesn’t violate our free will. A lot of times, we want him to ride in on a white horse and wave a magic wand but he doesn’t. He comes in as that servant. He comforts us and gives us an invitation to be with him. It is through this, that our prayers get answered.