Weekly Writing Challenge 2 – The Evil Stepmother

Her legs were a little bit wobbly as she trekked out into the forest with her husband.  She had just given birth to beautiful baby girl.  She was blond with fair skin.  Izabel wondered if the blond hair would keep or would darken to a shade like her auburn.  She was amazed at the miracle her body produced and mourned all the more for the little ones that tried to come before.  Izabel was secretly relieved that her daughter didn’t have Adam’s dark skin.  She secretly knew it wasn’t possible for Sarah to have Adam’s ebony skin as Adam wasn’t the true father of Sarah.  Izabel had been with another.  She was convinced that Adam didn’t know.  Sarah looked enough like her as to not arouse suspicion.

They walked still further.  Izabel’s side was starting to ache.  She wanted to get back to the homestead and check on her daughter.  Every moment without her was more and more painful.  After about two hours of walking, Izabel’s eyes lit on a bloody rock on the ground.  Hey eyes jetted up to her husband who was a couple paces ahead of her.  Almost sensing her trepidation, he hollered back, “Not much further now.”  Izabel began to grow worried.  She hadn’t seen her lover since giving birth.  And now this bloody rock.  She quickly added up the situation in her mind and started running.  Even in her weakened state, she overtook Adam as adrenaline poured through her.

It was just over a hill that she saw him.  Her blond, fair-skinned lover.  His body was splayed in many directions.  His face was unrecognizable.  Brain matter was seeping from a deep wound.  Maggots had already started to fester.  Blood was running from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.  Izabel let out a long wail that turned into a scream.  She kissed what was left of his face.

Adam was quite noticeably confused.  He expected Izabel to thank him.  The man obviously took advantage of her.  It had never entered Adam’s mind that his second wife was an adulteress.  He failed to realize that Izabel was not Cava, his first wife.  He had taken for granted that all women were like his Cava.  Cava was a selfless gentle woman.  Izabel was a servant girl, hardened by the harsh realities of the world around her.  Izabel was a woman who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted, even if it meant tearing apart a family.

Izabel had wanted a child of her own to take the focus off of Kallah, Adam’s bright morning star.  Everything centered around Kallah in the household.  Izabel thought that if she had a child of her own, Adam would truly see her as a wife, a leader in the household, and not just a step-mother/servant for Kallah.  But failure after failure to have a child with Adam, drove her to extremes.  She sought the comfort of a servant man.  She finally brought a child to term.  Adam must have suspected right away but because he was so pure (naive in Izabel’s mind), he thought something more nefarious happened between the man and Izabel.  Now all was made clear.

Adam’s rage then went to his wife.  Izabel was still grieving at the side of her lover’s body when she felt hands around her throat.  Her eyes went wide.  He was behind her so all she could do was kick.  But his large frame had her covered.  It wasn’t long before she slipped into a comatose state.

“Your bastard daughter will never live in my house.” Adam whispered.  It was the last thing Izabel heard before slipping under.

Adam marched back the way he came.  His rage quelled, he was now deeply saddened.  He thought only of Kallah.  Kallah would miss her step-mother.  Kallah would want to know what happened.  Adam quickly came up with a story of Izabel drowning.  Little did Adam know that Izabel was merely unconscious.

Here it is.  A fresh post for the weekly challenge: Characters That Haunt You.  And yes, Izabel is a racist *&#(@.