Update: Twins – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito

I heard the Lord speak to me this morning… I don’t want to be all “Thus saith the Lord” but I felt this was on the heart of God this morning. It will make a little more sense after you read my blog post that I linked to below.


I have come and am coming to claim my brothers and sisters. I have made a great journey at great cost. I will NOT go home empty handed. I will search high and I will search low. I will search in the gutter. I will search in the palaces of this world. The world tells me that it’s not worth it. The world tells me that you are just a piece of trash. How can that be? We share the same DNA! You were made in my image. When I look at you, I see myself. How could I not seek you out? You are not just a lost sheep, you are a lost brother or sister. How much more will I go after you than I would a sheep!

There is no need to come after me. I have made the journey. No need to press in or work to find me. I am inside of you. The veil in your soul has been torn. Look and see that I am here with you and have always been with you. My journey led me right to the center of your heart and soul. I am not out there in a distant future or a distant paradise. Paradise is right here with you.

Twins – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito.


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