Oceans – Hillsong United

This song reminds me of a movie I haven’t watched for several years. That movie is Gattaca. It’s a science fiction movie about genetic engineering. In this future world, some people are born naturally and some are born by genetic engineering. Those born naturally are looked down upon as being diseased and unfit for more than menial labor. Those engineered are first class citizens with all the privilege. Part of the story focuses on Vincent and his brother Anton. When they were kids, they would go out in the ocean and swim as far as they could. But, being born naturally and with a heart condition, Vincent could never make it as far as Anton could.

That is, until one day, when they are adults. They swim and swim. Pretty soon, Vincent catches up to Anton and then passes him. Anton asks, “Vincent! How are you doing this Vincent? How have you done any of this? We have to go back.” Vincent replies, “You wanna know how I did it? This is how I did it Anton. I never saved anything for the swim back.”

I don’t remember much of the movie except for this part. You see, we are like Vincent. We were frail and flawed. But God calls us to the deeper waters of His grace. My question for you is: Do you save anything for the swim back? Do you just get your feet wet and run back to shore? May we ever swim in the ocean of God. May we go so far that we can’t see the shore. Only then can we see how truly wide and deep is the love of God.