I think we all experience some hole in our lives that we try to fill.  It’s innate in us this feeling of separation.  Some of us fill it with the things we are passionate about.  We fill it with money, status, material possessions.  We even fill it with people such as friends, family, our spouse, our children.  We will pour our lives into these people to fill this nagging emptiness.  We will pour our lives into our career or education.  We will pour our lives and money into the next best thing.

In the church, we say something like, “Nothing can fill that hole but Jesus.”  I’m writing today to challenge that notion.  I think the assumption is that the hole is still empty.  I think the assumption is wrong.  I think the reason so many don’t seek Jesus on their own is that they think that hole is filled.  What am I saying?  I’m saying that for a lot of people it is enough to raise their family, be good at their job, have a lot of things.  They can sleep at night.  They will admit their lives aren’t perfect but they are generally happy people.  This isn’t a post about drug addicts and perverts who need Jesus.  This is a post about regular, 9am-5pm people who need Jesus.

So, if the hole is filled, what is it filled with?  Well, Jesus told a parable about wineskins at one point.  The content is really beside the point. Wouldn’t you be mad if you went for the wineskin and it was filled with water?  Now think of your life as the wineskin.  Are you filled with water or wine?  Water is good and lifegiving like those passions we cultivate in life.  But wine, it intoxicates, lowers your guard a little, and makes you a little giddy.  It alters our consciousness.  That is Jesus.  God should be a mind-altering experience.

I wouldn’t be writing this if it I didn’t need this advice in my own life as well.  Think about this the next time you are in a “dry season” or you are spiritually seeking.  The question I asked myself this week was this: Would I still be happy if I didn’t have my school, my job, my electronics?  Would my relationship with Jesus be the same if I didn’t have those things?  This isn’t a “burn all your bad books, movies, and cds” post.  Passions are good in life.  But they shouldn’t be the center.  They’re water, not wine.


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