I asked God one day back in August why the Prince loves Cinderella so much.  In the story, as we all know, Cinderella is from a broken, abusive home.  There is so much psychological baggage that comes with that.  She has been beaten and verbally trodden on for most of her life.  How does a prince come to love someone like her?  A prince, a royal, who has been doted on his entire life.  How can he possibly have the patience to contend with the nightmares and flashbacks of Cinderella’s sordid life.  How can he possibly understand?

So I asked God about this.  Why does the Prince fall in love with Cinderella?  In reality, I was asking myself, “Why does Jesus fall in love with mankind?  Why does He love ME?!”  Because, in my version, I/We are Cinderella and Jesus is the Prince.  What came back was a picture of Cinderella asking her prince on their wedding night, “Why did you fall in love with me?  I am far below your station.  I was so wounded and broken.  I have many scars.  Why did you choose ME that night at the party?”

The prince answers, “I chose you because I knew that you could love more deeply than any other.  The depth of your wounds only made your heart grow deeper.  You attempted to cover the holes, believing them to be dangerous traps.  But, with time and patience, I’ve uncovered them.  Because, in reality, they are wells of great love and joy.”

In life, especially in this modern era, we mistakenly believe that if we fix the outside, the exterior, that everything will be okay.  This goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit and immediately fall from grace.  Their first instinct is to cover up their nakedness.  It is much the same with Cinderella.  Her first instinct would be to try and cover up her imperfections.  Her calloused hands, greasy hair, torn nails.  Her scars from battling the kitchen stove.  Her psychological scars are even greater and are harder to hide.

What’s the good prince to do?  He restores everything that was taken from her and then some.  He gives her a new name.  He gives her a safe environment to live in.  He lays everything out in the open.  No secrets.  He is patient with her.  As their trust grows, so does her trust of other people.  She is no longer constantly afraid of being taken as a slave again.  She begins to let herself feel again.  She starts to think she might actually love this prince of hers.

How does Jesus know this about our wounds?  Because he was once wounded for our sake.  His wounds unleashed a torrent of love, mercy, and grace toward all of mankind.  The depth of His wounds only made His heart grow deeper in love for us, if that were possible.  When he lives inside us, our wounds become wells or oases for His love to overflow to others.  So don’t try to cover them up in an attempt to appear normal.  Normal doesn’t exist.  You may be plugging the only watering hole in the desert of your life or someone else’s life.  Wells scar the earth but, without them, people would die.


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